" BIEZJOE "     


       ( BRIYANNA ) 

D.o.b.: 17-01-2017             

HD A (NW 40)

ED:  0-0

Eyes clear: 31-01-2020                 

prcd-PRA: Clear

EIC: Clear

HNPK: Clear

CNM: Clear

DM: Clear

Coat length: Normal

BBEe ( carries yellow )




2x BOS


C.I.E. Multi JCH. & Multi Ch. Blacksugar Luis


A Sense of Pleasure's I'm a Joker




 Black Sugar Ibiza

Carpenny Scenario


Coco Loco's Tea Cup


Carpenny Made the Trip


Apple Pie de la Vallee Cheron

Lady Gaga van 't Chielewout


Biss Am.Ch. Ger. Ch. Time Square Ulysses




Du.Ch. Preton Nicol

Biss. Ch. Hyspire Hot to Trot


Mine Falls Mei-Lo


Mult Ch. Wolf's Hunter Eli Sweet Solon


Preton Anita Gusihe


09-06-2019  Doghsow BRC Turnhout. Judge: Lynda Heron ( GB )

Kind expression,  would prefer a little more length of neck. Very nice type. Good coat texture. Moved ok. Showed well.


26-05-2019 LCD Clubshow Neukirchen-Vluyn Duitsland. Judge: Andrew Brown ( GB )

2 year 4 month smart black bitch kind head , lovely clean neck , good topline tail and tailset good quarters and feet in good coat, moved okay.

1 Excellent - LCD CAC + Antw. Dt. Ch. VDH and BOS.

25-05-2019 LCD Lightshow Neukirchen-Vluyn. Judge: Alexander Douglas ( GB )

2 year 4 month, nice upstanding black bitch, standing foursquare, nice femine head, clean neck, good front end with good brisk, level topline, good tailset and uses her tail to advantage, short coupled, modern turn of stifle with shows in good rear and drive and reach and frontend, moved well.

1 Excellent - LCD CAC + Antw. Dt. Ch. VDH and BOS.

24-03-2019 Int. Dogshow Hazerswoude. Keurmeester: Mr. A. Zeppi ( It )

Feminin expression. Correct headproportion. Lovely eyes. Excellent topline. Well developed chest. Correct legs and catfeet. Straight topline & tail. Nice condition of coat. Correct ottertail. Sound movement with correct tail.

2 Excellent

02-03-2019 Martinidogshow Groningen. Keurmeester: Mrs. Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo (Esp)

Correct type. Good in front. Good neck and body. The topline could be stronger. Correct angulations. Nice coat quality. Nice
temperament and good movement.

3 Excellent

01-02-2019 Martinidogshow Groningen. Keurmeester: Dhr. J.H. Stigt  (Nl)

2 Excellent

16-12-2018 Winnershow Amsterdam. Keurmeester: Mr. C. de Giuliani (It)


Right type and size. Right head proportion. Well set ears and well dark eyes. Enough compact body. Enough straight topline. Right tail. Right chest. Well compact feet. Good movement.




18-11-2018 Eurodogshow Kortrijk, Belgie. Keurmeester: Mrs. J. Charlton ( GB )


2 Uitmuntend


03-11-2018 Dogshow Bleiswijk, Hazerswoude. Keurmeester: Mr. Fryckstrand ( SE)


Mature young female. Lovely head and expression. Excellent neck and front. Super ribs. Topline could be fermer. Strong back

Moves well. Nice coat. Happy showgirl. Well presented.


3 Excellent


16-09-2018 SRA Wenden, Duitsland. Keurmeester: Mr. D. Nightingale


Good coat condition. Stands full of square. Kind head expression. Very clean in her line. Good front angulations. Strong in her quarters.

Moved well.


1 Excellent - DRC CAC + Antw. Dt. Ch. VDH


17-06-2018 Bennekom, Kampioens Clubmatch NLV. Keurmeester: S. Sletterdal (NW)


17 months feminan bitch. Balanced, nice proportions. Feminan head. Well angulated, level topline. Would like a slightly better croupe.

Moves very well. Excellent coat. Lovely temperament.





27-05-2018 Erfstad-Gymnich, Duitsland:  LCD Clubshow. Keurmeester: Mr. Rawlinsons (GB)


Good type of black bitch, presenting excellent. Very kind head and expression. Good reach of neck. Level topline and good tailset. Moved with plenty of drive, although a little bit close in front. Prefer more shoulder angulation


2 Excelleny -  VDH + LCD RJCAC



26-05-2018: Erfstad-Gymnich, Duitsland:  LCD Lightshow. Keurmeester: Mrs Rawlinsons (GB)


Lovely type black

Beautiful head and expression. Perfect eye coloring. Strong neck into exc topline and tailset. Nicely angulated front and rear. Good bone and feet. Moved Well.


4 Excellent



06-05-2018 BRC show Turnhout, Belgie. Keurmeester: Mrs. Coode (GB)


2 Excellent



14-04-2018 Dogshow Utrecht. Keurmeester: Dhr. Boelaars


2 Uitmuntend



17-02-018 Dogshow KV Rijnland


Very Good



03-02-018 Dogshow Eindhoven


Very Good



05-11-2017 Dogshow Bleiswijk Hazerswoude-Dorp. Keurmeester: Mevr. Helling-vd Elzen


3 Excellent




18-06-2017 Kampioens Clubmatch Bennekom. Keurmeester: V. Malkmus ( D )


5 months old. Very lovely puppy. Beautiful head and expression. Lots of substance wich I like. Already good depth of chest. Good bones. Short coupled. Typical labradorcoat and ottertail. Moves with easy. A typical showgirl.


2 Very Promising




 * 27-05-2017 LCD Nightshow, Erfstadt, Duitsland. Keurmeester: P. Lammens ( F )


Nice type. Short coupled. Nice head and expression. Excellent neck, topline and tailset. Well angulated in front and back. Would like a little more second thie. Excellent movement.


 4 Very Promising



* 21-05-2017 KC Nieuwegein. Keurmeester: T. Adrichem Boogaart-Kwint


 2 Very Promising

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